Missy The Missing Cat

I was called into a home to do a normal home inspection for heat loss. Because my camera is so sensitive to temperature change it can actually see liquids like water evaporating from the environment (This in physics is the property of the latent heat of fusion) I saw a pattern of droplets evaporating on a very expensive tapestry. Knowing immediately what it was I asked the owners if they had a cat of dog. The woman responded proudly why yes we have Missy.

When I pointed out the spot and indicated that “Missy” had done her thing the husband became immediately irritated. Through out the house the old cat left “tracks” in her favorite spots that I faithfully pointed out. Spots were located in the carpet, the couch, the stair well, and so on. They were in so many places that I noticed the tension building between the couple. The next morning I phoned the couple and his wife answered and I asked for Harold. She indicated that he was not there and would be back in a short time. Apparently the cat got out last night and she had sent him out first thing in the morning to try and locate Missy.

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