I’ll Find That Damn Leak

I was recently contacted by a frustrated wife who had reported that her husband was punching holes in their basement paneling looking for a leak.  She had asked me if I could help.  I felt that I could since the camera would see where the paneling was wicking up the water and show a distinct pattern.

When I arrived the husband was not very happy and upon inspection of the basement he had successfully knocked holes in the walls where the water had pooled to the lowest level.  Not where the leak was coming from.

When he asked about the cost of my services his wife said she was handling it.   I then told him I would find the problem in approximately 5 minutes (allowing 4 minutes for the camera to turn on and calibrate itself.)  This made him even crankier.

When the camera was ready I scanned the walls and immediately saw a pattern of a triangle on the wall.  The tip of the triangle was where the water was leaking.  When a hole was placed where my laser beam pointed the weep hole that was leaking in the poured foundation was located.  She was very happy.

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