Emma’s Dead Husband

On one of my inspections I was trying to help a lovely elderly widowed woman lower her heating bills.  She did not entirely understand the process but had heard my name on the Glenn Haege program and figured she would give it a go.  Her home was immaculate, everything in its place as she walked into the bathroom with me with the lights off she immediately started to scream hysterically and proceeded to run out of the house.

Since my camera is sensitive to heat and blind to light it had immediately picked up the reflection of heat from my body from the glossy tiles in the back of the shower.  That heat reflected to the camera of my image and Emma had seen it as we entered the room.  Unfortunately she took the image as it being her dead husbands ghost (watching too much late TV) and ran into the street screaming her husband was back.    It took several minutes to calm her down and convince her that she had actually seen my reflection of heat and not her dead husband.

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