Dear John,

I just want to thank you for my finally getting my problem solved. I had had cold air entering my house in several areas, with several “experts” over the past 3 years telling me otherwise. I even paid for a professional audit, which did not reveal the problem, as it was not performed correctly.

I checked with a co-worker, who referred me to an honest insulation professional, who came to my house and recommended I contact you, as you would be able to locate the problem.

Within a short time, you were at my house with your camera. You explained the process at every step and clarified where the problems were. You discovered problems not found by the previous “experts.” You then referred me to someone who could, and did properly install insulation in the problem areas, also within a short time.

It is reassuring that there are honest, knowledgeable, and capable professionals who make it easier to say that home ownership is a joy. Through this process, I noted the difference in the level of service and knowledge between large companies/corporations and individually owned smaller businesses.

Thank again,

Phyllis Salter



Just a note to let you know how happy we are with the changes you recommended after you checked our house late April. John Rodgers at Detroit Spray took care of the basement and did a great job. That same day my husband and contractor friends started on the house: they caulked all the windows inside and out, built a new deck and lifted the siding where your thermal camera showed “cold” spots, which turned out the construction people cut holes to put outside electric outlets but did not install the outlets and left holes in the walls], we finished putting oak floors in the rest of the house, installed an new front door and a new sliding deck door.

During the day when I am work, I program the A/C at 78 degrees then at 4:30 PM it changes to 75 degrees, then lower again at bedtime.  The other day I came back from work at 4:25PM, the temperature outside was  86 degrees and the thermometer in the hallway inside the house was 75 degrees. I was amazed. The electric/gas bills combined are less than $100 dollars.

We are so pleased. Thank you so much for helping us.   We are spreading the word.


Leonor and Carl Hendricksen


I just wanted to give your company some positive feedback. For two years I have been looking for the source of a leak into my house when it rained. Eighteen months ago I had my roof replaced hoping this would fix the problem ($10,000). It did not. Heavy rains left the carpeting in our bay window soaking wet. Then we had the brick work on the top of our chimney replaced. Since there were some cracks in the mortar, I hoped this would stop the rain from coming in but we still had wet carpeting after heavy rains. We went to Square Deal to ask for a name of a contractor who specializes in the problem. This guy came to our home and assured us he could fix the problem ( $300 ).

He was back twice but did not. Finally this past summer we had all our vinyl siding and trim replaced ($7000) in hopes this would seal the holes leading to the water source. Again it did not. I was about to start punching holes in wall where it was wet and keep punching holes to lead me to the source when I decided to search the web for other contractors or ideas. I stumbled upon your company. Thanks for coming out the same day I called.

It is amazing that a little piece of caulk missing below the window drain can cause such a huge mess when it rained hard. This drain was draining all the water directly below where there was no caulk between the window and siding. No one could find it…but you guys did. You saved me a lot of time, mess and more money!!! It cost me $7 for a good tube of caulk. I could have saved $17,000 if I called you first. At least my house looks good now. Thanks again.




Dear Mr. Razumich,

I want to tell you how excited I am to finally have a warm house. My home was moved to its present location and the city believes it was built in 1888. My cellulose installation installer, Gary used your imagining to help find the really cold spots in the house. He said he would recommend people call you to help him discover the areas of most concern, prior to the installation of cellulose. I sent the installer the thermal imaging via the Internet, and he transferred your information to his Blackberry. He really checked the attic and in particular the area where you thought perhaps there might be dampness.

He discovered that there was no insulation in that one spot. Because of your thermal imaging, he also discovered an area around the cold air return which had no insulation. The imagining around the windows and walls were particularly helpful. The installer had workmen make extra openings to fill in those areas, too. My bedroom on the first floor has never been very warm in the winter, due to the sky lights and the long run from the furnace. It is typically 57 degress. Thermal imaging indicated really strange places which needed insulation. Last night it was 64 degrees, which sounds cold, but it really became too warm as the night progressed and in the morning it was 69 degrees. The family room had an increase of 5 degrees yesterday.

My installer, had turned off the heat on Tuesday, and I didn’t know he had done this. I was sewing upstairs, and actually took off my sweater. In six hours the temperature had only dropped 2 degrees!!! I really appreciate you sending out your photographer, and would highly recommend thermal imaging prior to installation of insulation. I am looking forward to having you take post thermal imaging pictures. I appreciated your photography which helped install the cellulose. I am also looking forward to a warm winter. Please feel free to use this note of appreciation for future clients to read.

Very truly yours,

Nancy Swartz


Hi John,

I am incredibly impressed, and I truly appreciate the quick response. I enjoyed my conversation with John, and I would be very pleased to be a positive reference for your business. I have already started fixing a few of the problems that John found. Thank you very much for the fantastic service, as well as the extraordinarily quick response to your findings.

I hope your holidays are very enjoyable, and best wishes to your families this Christmas season.

Tom Kallas


John, thanks for the info.  I will definitely let people know about your services.  I can see why you are recommended by Glen Haege.  It was a pleasure talking with you during the inspection, and post communications.  Very informative too.

Dave Treadwell

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