I’ll Find That Damn Leak

I was recently contacted by a frustrated wife who had reported that her husband was punching holes in their basement paneling looking for a leak.  She had asked me if I could help.  I felt that I could since the camera would see where the paneling was wicking up the water and show a distinct […]

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Finding Ice Dam Damage

How Do I Prevent Damage From Ice Dams? Ice damming is caused by inadequate insulation.  To prevent an ice dam, don’t heat the roof, keep it cold. That way, the snow on the roof eventually dissipates without making large amounts of melting water. The underside of the roof deck should not exceed 30 F. The […]

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Reduce Heating Costs

If you are concerned about heat loss, then you have come to the right place. Thermal imaging can be used to determine heat loss. Thermal imaging can validate the performance and quality of insulation in homes and commercial buildings. With the ever-increasing costs of heat, the return on investing in an energy audit and subsequent […]

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

How Can Infrared Thermal Imaging Help You And Your Home? Infrared thermal imaging is a process which uses infrared radiation. This process is often used in real estate construction in order to discover leaks in different parts of the building. There is a variety of hardware available, ranging from simple infrared, hand-held cameras costing up […]

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Home Owners

Thermal Imaging Consulting Services Inc. is an independent infrared testing and consulting firm providing infrared electrical, roof moisture, and building envelope inspection and analysis. Using the most advanced thermography sensors and analysis, our technicians evaluate the performance and safety of electrical and mechanical systems, steam plants, roofing and insulation. When used to locate and document […]

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Facility Managers

Using Thermography in Building Science allows the evaluation of a structure and the performance of the components of that structure. Infrared Thermal Imaging can provide accurate and detailed information not visible to the human eye. This Infrared technology reveals what we cannot see by measuring the temperature variances of a viewed object in relation to […]

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Data Center

WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU Downtime at Computer Centers is not an option. Thermal Imaging consultants specialize in the infrared inspection of the electrical and mechanical systems that support the continuous operation of these centers. Computer centers are often checked during “maintenance windows” or times designated by management when test are to be performed and […]

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Billy’s Cold Room

I received a phone call from a home owner about a concern they had about their sons bedroom being unusually cold. Although these are quite common after asking the usual questions about the location of the room relative to the furnace, the potential of insulation that could be missing I continually came of with answers that […]

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Emma’s Dead Husband

On one of my inspections I was trying to help a lovely elderly widowed woman lower her heating bills.  She did not entirely understand the process but had heard my name on the Glenn Haege program and figured she would give it a go.  Her home was immaculate, everything in its place as she walked […]

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Missy The Missing Cat

I was called into a home to do a normal home inspection for heat loss. Because my camera is so sensitive to temperature change it can actually see liquids like water evaporating from the environment (This in physics is the property of the latent heat of fusion) I saw a pattern of droplets evaporating on […]

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