Finding Ice Dam Damage

How Do I Prevent Damage From Ice Dams?

Finding ice dam damageIce damming is caused by inadequate insulation.  To prevent an ice dam, don’t heat the roof, keep it cold. That way, the snow on the roof eventually dissipates without making large amounts of melting water. The underside of the roof deck should not exceed 30 F.

The best way to maintain low temperatures is by ensuring that there is adequate insulation and sealing gaps that let warm air pass into the attic from the house. The attic must also be ventilated, so that cold air is introduced into it and heated air escapes rapidly.

Loose-fill or batt insulation is typically installed in an attic. Although installation costs may vary, loose fill insulation is usually less expensive to install than batt insulation. When installed properly, loose-fill insulation also usually provides better coverage.

Signs of Ice Dam problems

Finding ice dam causeOne of the tell-tail signs of a potential problem is when icicles form from your gutters. The ice is now firmly in place and any melting snow is now flowing right over the gutter. The melting is fine, as it flows over the gutter, but when the flow backs up is when it can come through the house.

When your roof gets repaired one day in the future, make sure there is a drip edge and sufficient roof flashing is installed to prevent water penetration.

Use Professionals to Assess the Problem

Thermal Imaging Consultant can help find the cause and extent of ice dam problems. We service Southeast Michigan, including Troy, Bloomfield, Sterling Heights, Warren and all over Michigan! Leaking water from ice dams can wreck havoc with your home, so regardless of your location in West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills or wherever ice dam water leakage can be a problem, we can help!


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