Energy Audits

We can perform an energy audit throughout Southwest Michigan, through the use of thermal imaging cameras to find where you can reduce your heating costs. We only take pictures where there are problems. Then we place them in the report you will receive in the next day or two, outlining the thermal imaging pictures with a detailed explanation of what our professional energy auditor sees. We work totally independently of any building contractors or insulation companies, meaning that the results that you get are totally unbiased!

You have permanent documentation to email to the insurance company or another contractor for quotes. The price does not change once he gets there. Some folks are looking to save money over a DTE energy audit or a Consumers energy audit. We can be that local company that gives you more for your money while doing your energy audit. Contact us to discuss your energy audit needs.

energy audit

In the conclusions page, we prioritize what to do and how to go about doing it in the order to get you the most bang for the buck.

You are getting a thermal imaging inspector doing your energy audit (NOT A SALESMAN) that has hundreds of inspections under his belt and is working for you.

Energy Audit Results

A complete energy audit will provide typical pictures such as air intrusion, missing insulation, sagging insulation, insufficient insulation, and wet or water damage on the other side of the wall. Also, we look for sources for drafts, and leaks in your heating system ductwork. Sometimes we find animals living in the attic and many times mold behind the walls. We are here to diagnose energy use problems all over southwest Michigan, including Warren, Detroit, and Bloomfield.

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