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Downtime at Computer Centers is not an option. Thermal Imaging consultants specialize in the infrared inspection of the electrical and mechanical systems that support the continuous operation of these centers. Computer centers are often checked during “maintenance windows” or times designated by management when test are to be performed and maintenance activities can be safely carried out. We realize that this work is not done on a M-F/8AM-5PM schedule. That’s why our thermographers are available 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

Next time your load testing your UPS or back up generators invite us out to give you a third opinion on how it is performing.


To obtain the maximum amount of up time you must anticipate maintenance issues before they happen.

Six nines 99.9999% 31.5 seconds
Five nines 99.999% 5 minutes 35 seconds
Four nines 99.99% 52 minutes 33 seconds
Three nines 99.9% 8 hours 46 minutes
Two nines 99.0% 87 hours 36 minutes
One nine 90.0% 36 days 12 hours

Note cold stratification moving up the wall of servers as you use the workers body as reference of relative coolness.





How We Do It

INVESTIGATE >>> Thermal Imaging Consultants will make an entire sweep of your data center from the server racks to the power distribution panels and UPS systems in the center and on the roof or basement. They should be scheduled along with a qualified electrician to open switch panels or when the facility is undergoing a load test or fail over test..

PROVIDE ANSWERS >>> We will review and analyze the data and digital images we collected during the course of our on-site investigations. These materials are formed into a comprehensive project report that details the problems and faults encountered. Our reports illustrate problems clearly in terms that you will understand, while also providing the technical details that your vendors will need to fix it.

STAY IN THE LOOP >>> At the point where other companies might disappear, we will continue to make sure that your results are working for you. Although we do not perform any of the work we act as a liaison with contractors and vendors, making ourselves available for additional project-related consultation and undertaking additional reporting and investigative work. We enter into our relationships with a long term outlook – our commitment to you does not end upon delivery. We are a phone call away.

You receive, by email or CD or printed media, a report that shows you a thermographic image like the ones inside and below with a description of the problem and a corrective course of action.

In addition, you will receive a repository of all pictures taken on a CD that you can archive and use at a later date for comparison purposes.

These thermographic images each possess 14,400 discrete data points of temperature in each picture.



  • Use historical pictures for insurance claim.
  • Confront Vendor on issues of maintenance on components.
  • Provide documentation of faulty components.
  • Use for Predictive Preventative Maintenance.

You will be able to compare pictures over time from the same device to use in your predictive preventative maintenance program. This past information is an invaluable tool in dealing with equipment vendors, insurance companies or entities should there be a dispute of any kind.


The following infrastructure support equipment should be tested:

  • Cooling systems, including chillers and all HVAC equipment.
  • CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units.
  • All associated switchgear.
  • Emergency diesel generator systems.
  • ATS (automatic transfer switch) equipment
  • UPS modules.
  • Resistive load banks and associated cables/connectors.
  • Static transfer switches.
  • Rotary UPS system, if applicable.
  • IR Commissioning of Data Center Equipment Load testing.
  • Battery banks, breakers and charging systems.
  • Transformers (utility and site).
  • PDU (power distribution unit) equipment.
  • All distribution electrical panels.

Loading Considerations:

  • All normal switchgear and electrical panels need to be checked under load.
  • Test generator leads and emergency source for the automatic transfer switches under load.
  • Resistive load banks must be attached to the PDUs and tested with increasing load percentages.
  • Each UPS module must be tested independently including a full load battery.
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